Covid-19 support at Debrebirhan

Emmanuel Development Association provided over 208,000-birr worth of food and hygiene inputs to 89 vulnerable families and their 196 children affected by COVID 19 in Debre Birhan on December 29, 2020.

Among the 1000 targeted beneficiaries some of the families involved in the program have been affected by the COVID 19 epidemic and in collaboration with Menschen für Menschen Switzerland, this third round emergency support was provided to 89 families and their 196 children affected by the epidemic.

Depending on the size of the family, the distribution was provided and for a family with one child will get 15 kilograms of bread flour, 1 liter of oil, 3 pics of pasta, 3 kilograms of rice, 3 kilograms of beans, 2 soap and a face mask was provided 




Success Stories

Twenty years ago, Bekelech was a single mother who was unable to feed or educate her 4-year-old daughter. Her husband had been killed in the war and she could not find employment.
Bekelech dreamed of opening a stall in the local market in her impoverished neighbourhood near Addis Ababa. She was accepted into the EDA family help program and provided with business training and a start up grant of 3,300 Bir ($115 US) for initial rent payments and to purchase the grains that she would sell.
She worked hard to realize her goal and is proud of her achievements. Today, Bekelech is independent and financially stable. Her daughter was able to attend primary and secondary school and has recently graduated from university as an accountant.
Bekelech recognizes the work that she put into her business, but she is also grateful for the help and support provided by EDA. “I wouldn’t be the kind of person I am today without EDA”.
Visit our Success Stories page to read more about impoverished Ethiopians whose live have been touched by EDA.

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