Capacity Building of Agriculture Livelihood

Smallholders in EDA operation areas are benefited from the climate-smart agricultural schemes. Various smallholders-led interventions positively impact lives by developing the potential of farmers to be actively involved in the processes of change to minimize the negative impacts of climate change.

EDA  provides direct and indirect capacity building activities such as providing farmers with information on climate change and its impact on their yields and livelihoods, building farmers skills and knowledge to deal adequately with climate variability, laying the foundations for individuals to build various capitals, directly assisting in coping and adaptive livelihood activities, financial assistance to build livelihood capitals and engaging in impact offsetting strategies. EDA empower over 4568 smallholders in the rural intervention areas both Amhara and Oromia since 2010. Value addition in their product helped the smallholder to compute in the market in the form of the value chain to establish a business relationship with the export market. These determinants of adaptive capacity provide interesting input in terms of guidance for management options to enhance the adaptive capacity of the communities in the face of climate change. Such results are significant in informing policy and practice at the national and local levels.