• Capacity Building of Agricultural Livelihoods: This program builds the capacity of poor and marginalized urban, rural and pastoralist communities who are in need of financial resources, or other inputs. It helps them by providing the necessary training and startup capital, in the form of a revolving fund and advisory services. In this program, EDA has provided target groups with improved seeds, fertilizer, herbicide, water pumps, farm animals, and modern beehives. This program is enhancing food security and promoting the value chain for small holder farmers.

  • Promoting water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH): EDA has an initiative to alleviate WASH-related problems in poor communities. We promote hygiene and sanitation education and establish community and school-based WASH facilities. In doing so, EDA has been able to increase access to WASH services for 120,000 community members and school children. Wealso train people on how to generate income while caring for the environment by developing sustainable livelihoods in dry waste management, composting, and generating alternative and renewable energy, such as biogas, from waste materials. This is based on the principle of urban trash to cash.what we do WASH health 1

  • Strengthening early childhood development and social services: In collaboration with local community leaders, EDA has established and supported early childhood development (ECD) centers serving hundreds of children who are among the poorest of the poor in their communities.
  • Promoting quality primary education: EDA focuses on the provision of quality primary school education for target children by enhancing their level of performance in reading and the sciences by using demonstration to teach.
  • Providing supplementary school materials and educational opportunities: EDA has been providing educational materials support and tutorial education for target children. We also organize academic competitions among schools to foster academic competence and teamwork, allowing children to unleash their talent.
  • Promoting adult education and basic life skills: As per the national standards of adult education set by the government, EDA has organized poor target women into a Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) project which fosters the following components for the betterment of their lives:

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