Gender-Based Violence's (GBV) and Target Community 

EDA implemented this activity using brainstorming to help participants understand the different expectations towards and demands on girls/ young women and boys/young men in contemporary society. It allows participants to explore concepts of gender equality further. The guidelines of the GBV are used to design and implement the project as a cross-cutting activity in all EDA programs. Different activities were conducted during a discussion on questions of gender inequality and socialization into gender-based stereotyping. This methodology will help the participants to internalize and understand their context for reflection.

Impact of Gender-Based Violence: During conversations, the participants look at various examples of gender-based violence and discuss the consequences for the individuals concerned and for society as a whole. This kind of discussion will be conducted to address the GBV issues at all levels to the mainstream in the community structure.

As a development organization, EDA may play a role in offering this protection – e.g. social services and avail referral linkages with the appropriate institutions. EDA believes that the state has a responsibility to support services, but in our context, the government supports very little of the victims, they will be provided by third parties such as civil society organizations like EDA. Since 2009 EDA has addressed and supported over 23,679 victims in its operational areas.