The poor and vulnerable across Ethiopia are seriously impacted by the lack of clean drinking water, limited access to toilets and showers, public health services, and improper disposal of human and household waste.
EDA has initiated the Water, Health Sanitation (WaSH) program to address the issues related to water and sanitation. We have worked with schools and communities to provide training and increase awareness of the importance of clean drinking water and waste management. WaSH programs have had a positive affect on the health and wellbeing of more than 12,000 Ethiopian school children and their families.
WaSH projects include:
• The construction of 17 bio-gas powered restaurants, which are fuelled by the bio-gas captured from adjoining public toilets
• The installation of water access points for drinking water and hand washing in 34 schools
• The construction of 100 pit privies in schools, with separate facilities for girls and boys
• Training in hand washing, simple home water treatment and menstrual hygiene in schools
• Installation and management of refuse bins and compost sites