The education and protection of needy children is the primary goal of Emmanuel Development Association.
We strive to improve the education of all needy children, but especially those who are orphans, vulnerable, and the victims of abuse and trafficking. To date, almost 4 million Ethiopian children have benefited from high quality EDA education programs in 85 primary schools and early childhood educations centers. Our educational support services also include vocational and life skills training for at-risk youth and victims of human trafficking, and basic literacy training for adults.
Our education capacity building programs include the construction of schools, initial and ongoing training for early childhood and primary teachers, provision of books, learning materials, computers and playground equipment. We work in cooperation with the Ethiopian government, and as of 2019, 8 of the EDA schools had been turned over to the government.

Our education programs are highly successful. In 2018 alone, almost 2,000 new students who were previously not in school enrolled in our primary and early childhood education centres. Grade 5 students in our programs saw an average increase in grades on national exams from 57% to 70% in one year.