Emmanuel Development Association (EDA), in collaboration with the Geneva Global, has supported vulnerable children with its accelerated learning Program (ALFA). The program aims to bring positive change in children and their mother’s life by bringing these out of school children back to school and shorten the three years primary school curriculum to one year by applying accelerated learning strategies
Student Gudeta Hirpo Lenjiso was born in 2010 G.C/2003 E.C from his mother Kuftu Kumbi and his father Gudeta Hirpo in Oromia region, Dugda woreda at Giraba Korke Adi kebele. He is seventh child in his family and has three lower sisters and brothers too.
…Gudeta did not join school when he was seven (7) years old as any other children’s in his area because he is a hand cap and suffer from illness for half of his age said his mother. Now Gudeta is 11 years old.

The 2021 EDA ALFA intervention was one starting way to school for Gude. He was happy now his family were also too because, their child is now at school, not in the home and he is an amazing clever student in his class and he was scored an Av. of 79.5 (A/O=76, Maths=75, En.Science=82 & Geda= 85) in the first phase curriculum and have ranked 8th out of 30 students in his class but he needs strong psychological treatment to avoid his fear due to his disability.
There is one critical challenge to Gudeta now. He came to school not always by his effort but on back of his mother as a baby child. He needs our support to continuou his class yes, he needs our support!!

‘No matter how far life pushes you down no matter how much you hurt, you can always bounce back’’
George S.Patton.