Three years ago, a group of seven unemployed women approached EDA with the goal of starting a community savings and credit association (SAC). They formed a self-help group and were approved for intensive training in business management and financial management and savings.

The Kuloberet Savings and Credit Association now has 132 members. Members deposit 10 Bir ($3 US) a week and after the first year,

they are eligible to receive a loan.  The average loan to member is 20,000 Bir and is based on the member’s investment. The association is growing quickly and has over $300,000 in reserve.

All of the decisions made by the association are shared by the women on the management team. The director of the Kuloberet Savings and Credit Association speaks for the group when she says, “The training was very important. It made us aware of savings and leadership. It let us run our SAC”.