Edilawet is a little girl with big dreams. She attends Atse Zerayakob Primary school in the city of Debre Berhan. The school was founded in 1934 and has a proud record of academic achievement. In the past, many graduates went on to university and professional careers.  Unfortunately, the school was unable to keep up with changing trends in education.

The text books became outdated and the administration could not afford to replace them or purchase the computers that were necessary for their high achieving students. There was no clean water source at the school and the pit privies were in poor repair.

EDA responded to the school’s request for help by providing new text books, reference books and computers. They installed a WaSH water access point and built new separate toilets for girls and boys. Hand washing and menstrual hygiene training for the students reduced absenteeism and gave the girls the extra confidence they needed to excel in their studies.
Edilawet is at the top of her class, and when asked what she wants to do after she finishes university, she replies, “I want to be an astronomer”.