Before being supported by EDA, Almaz and her husband Kiflu were unable to feed themselves or their daughter. Almaz worked as a servant, and Kiflu was unemployed. They first came under the umbrella of EDA when their daughter was accepted into the family sponsorship program.

EDA provided the family with basic food, and their daughter was able to start primary school.


Six years ago, Almaz and Kiflu applied to the EDA agricultural income generating program. The government provided them with a small barn and EDA provided a dairy calf and the feed and equipment they would need to raise her. Gradually, their dairy herd increased. Today, they are milking five cows and selling 40 liters of milk a day in the community.
Through the sale of their milk and calves they have amassed savings of $9,000 US. Almaz and Kiflu are proud of their dairy farm, but they are even prouder of their daughter who graduated from university last year.