Our agricultural projects enable farmers to increase their crop yields and the sizes of their herds.  This, in turn, has increased food security in rural areas, while improving the livelihood of rural families. We have provided the expertise and equipment to enable small farmers to increase their yields by up to 300%.  New farmers accepted into the program receive seed funding as well as a young dairy cow, sheep, honey bees or laying hens. EDA also provides the seeds, tools or equipment they will need to establish their farming operations.

To date:

  • 3,306 poor households have benefited from the distribution of EDA grants, loans and livestock
  • 29 two-parent families and 42 single mothers have started dairy farms or market gardens
  • Over 450 pastoralist families have become successful selling bee colonies and honey, a livelihood that suits their semi-nomadic lifestyle
  • Farmers have organized themselves into self-help groups that encourage savings and provide interest free loans to co-operative members