Sexual abuse, trafficking for labor and the sex trade and harmful traditional practices including early forced marriage and female genital mutilation affect the lives of children and youth across Ethiopia. EDA has been working to support these vulnerable young people since its inception in 1996.

Our Integrated Multi-Spectral Child Protection program focusses on children and families to prevent exploitation and abuse. Working with children, families, community-based organizations and key government agencies we have raised awareness of the dangers of abuse and exploitation to 18,470 individuals (7,388 males and 11,082 females).

To date 1,300 young victims of trafficking have been intercepted and found a haven in our safe houses. The majority of these children and youth have been successfully re-united with their families. An additional 6,436 orpahns, vulnerable and abused children have received additional support in education, health, nutrition, legal support, and psycho-social services.