Kombolcha is a town located north-central Ethiopia specially South Wollo Zone of the Amhara Region,. Based on the 2007 national census conducted by the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (CSA), Kombolcha has a total population of 85,367, of whom 41,968 are men and 43,399 women. The town is 367 km away from Addis and serving as the main industry zone for the Amhara region and the country as well. More than Six heavy factories and many middle and small factories are operating in the town. It has one airport and also serves as a dry port for the northern part of the country. Due to these and other factors, the town enabled to attract people from rural and urban towns especially children and youths seeking jobs and engage in other risky activities such as prostitutions  and working as  daily labourer etc. Emmanuel Development Association in collaboration with Child Development and Transformation (CHADET) has been implementing an integrated community based child protection program with children on the move in the area.