Yeka is another Addis Ababa sub-city where EDA works, promoting preventative health care and education for poor urban communities. Yeka Sub City is one of the 10 sub cities in Addis Ababa city administration with total population of 368,774. The sub city borders with Oromia in the north, Oromia in the east, Gulele, Arada and kirkose sub city in the west, Bole sub city in the South east .About 2.2% of the population comprises those under the age of 1 year; 7.2% of the population comprises those under the age of 5 years and 34.6% are in the reproductive age (15-49 years).

In the sub city there are many socio-economic and other health related problems; hence since 2014 EDA with the technical and financial support of JSI has been implementing a health program in the sub city by strengthening the urban health system and closely working with the urban health professionals in order to strengthen the health system of the sub city. EDA also plans to continue and implement other projects with in coming years.

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