Tarmaber Woreda is located 190 km away from Addis and has an estimated population of 79049; out of which 39,852 are male and the rest 39098 are female including urban and rural dwellers. The woreda covers about 54,000 ha of lands. Agro climatologically 17% of the land is lowland, 28 % semi-arid (Woinadega) and 54.7 % is highland (Dega). Its altitude is ranging from 1500 to 3100 meter above sea level. The average annual temperature and the mean monthly rain fall are about 15.5 C0 and 1200 mm respectively.

The topography is dominated by chain of hills and rouged mountains; thereby 15.28 % of the woreda is mountainous, 32.78 % is plain lands, 6.29 % valleys and 45.65 % are rugged types. The average land holding individual farmer is about 1.48 ha. Which arable land accounts 0.89ha, Grazing= 0.25ha, Forest= 0.24ha, and Residence=0.1ha Hence; Its topography is characterized by up – downs, highly surrounded and dominated by chain of hills and terrain escarpments of the Central Highlands of Ethiopia bisecting the highland from the great east African rift valley basement in the east, making the district more prone to frequent deforestation, landslides, volcanic threats and flooding causing the rural farmers to food insecure and displacement resulting for short term and long term migration.

EDA’s intervention in the area includes:

  • About 158 youth organized in various vocational schemes and they become reliant/Vocational schemes include auto-mechanic, animal rearing, tailoring, hotel & restaurants, bakery, hairdressing
  • 745 youth have been engaged in street business toolkit training focusing on job creation.
  • About 16 preschools and primary schools planned to be upgraded and supported
  • 3818 sheep and goats availed to 552 poor farmers to increase household income

EDA Track Records in the Area:

  • 14 ABE centers constructed and handed over to the government.
  • Two blocks of 4 classrooms constructed in two primary schools.
  • One library, one laboratory and one pedagogical center fully constructed and furnished
  • One primary school renovated by EDA.
  • Borehole and water points established and availed in the two primary schools.

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