Debre Sina is located at 190 km from Addis. Based on the 2007 national census conducted by the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (CSA) the total population of the town is 10,300 Male 4,859 female 5,441. It is found along the main high way from north to the central parts of the country. Thus, long distance traveller’s stopover in the town being major cause for various child abuses including child trafficking. Many of the travellers attempt to invite the children either for sex or labouring.

Accordingly, children, especially girls have been easily indulged or compelled to perpetrate adultery and work as survival sex workers, street vendors and as housemaids to make their living. Like Debre Berhan, many of female headed family secure their living through selling local alcoholic drink (Areki). Furthermore, similar to Debre Berhan, child traffickers from this town and other areas use the town as a transit point to traffic children. Here also, almost all types of mal practices has been committed upon helpless children alike Debre Berhan.

As already mentioned, children are compelled to be engaged in hard, long hours and hazardous employment. Many of them are drawn in domestic work, survival sex service giving, crop farms, cattle herding, and construction. Others have been working as daily labourers at bus terminals and market places while still many others are working as shoe shiners and similar hand to mouth income based petty businesses.

Furthermore, exposure to various addictions such as chewing chat, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and taking other illicit drugs are also the major social problems of the trafficked children especially those working on streets, bars and nightclubs. In general, children in this town are negatively affected by sexual abuse and exploitation, child trafficking, child labour, natural disabilities, HIV/AIDS and various types of violence.

Some of the major interventions of EDA in the area include:

Child protection

  • Strengthening and sustaining community based child protection system with the involvement of community group and government institution to create protective environment for children
  • Prevent 950 children on the move from different forms of abuse and exploitation in eight towns and the surrounding communities
  • School/child led clubs capacity building
    • Provide technical and material support for 3 school child protection club to disseminate awareness for school community and the surrounding people in the target town.
    • Multi-Support Child centred and participation system has been established.

Highly Vulnerable Children support

  • 3500 highly vulnerable children have been supported through integrated services including education, health, nutrition, legal support, shelter and care and Psycho social services

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