Shoa Robit is a rapidly growing town approximately 250 km north-east of Addis Ababa. According to the national population and housing census the population of the town is estimated to be 36,642. Shoa robit is one of the most vulnerable localities in the Amhara National Regional State and high HIV/AIDS prevalence and poverty, especially youth unemployment are the two major problems of the town

High prevalence of HIV/AIDS is due mainly to the town’s location along the longest highway that runs from Addis to the North east. Showa Robit, location has created high flow of youth immigrants looking for job opportunities which in turn created unmanageable interactions including unsafe sexual relations with inhabitants of the town. The mix of local drinking houses and the modern bars where the immigrants and inhabitant youth meet their sexual partners are the critical aggravating factors of the problem.

The poverty feature of the town is mainly caused by high unemployment rate among the youth and erratic, untimely and minimal amount of rainfall in most of the rural woredas. Rural youth whose crops are damaged due to draught take rural –urban migration as a last resort. This is another burden which intensifies the social economic crisis in the town.

EDA’s Intervention in the Area includes:


  • The program is unique in its approach involving key public-private partners to work together to enhance education quality in lower primary level.
  • The program focuses to enhance reading and writing skills of children in the early grades.
  • The program works on 15 schools in three districts of the north shewa zone and can serve as a bench mark for learning.

Highly Vulnerable Children support:

  • 5000 highly vulnerable children have been supported through integrated services including education, health, nutrition, legal support, shelter and care and Psycho social services.


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