Yeka is another Addis Ababa sub-city where EDA works, promoting preventative health care and education for poor urban communities. Yeka Sub City is one of the 10 sub cities in Addis Ababa city administration with total population of 368,774. The sub city borders with Oromia in the north, Oromia in the east, Gulele, Arada and kirkose sub city in the west, Bole sub city in the South east .About 2.2% of the population comprises those under the age of 1 year; 7.2% of the population comprises those under the age of 5 years and 34.6% are in the reproductive age (15-49 years).

Akaki –Kaliti is one of the ten sub cities of Addis Ababa and is the industrial zone of Addis Ababa as well as the country. It is located in the southern parts of the city. It is 20 kms far from the city’s center and its population is estimated 220,740 with 114,095 female and 106,645 male (2007 Ethiopian Central Statistics Authority) Most of the Kebeles/woredas are found at the out skirts of the city.

Debre Sina is located at 190 km from Addis. Based on the 2007 national census conducted by the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (CSA) the total population of the town is 10,300 Male 4,859 female 5,441. It is found along the main high way from north to the central parts of the country. Thus, long distance traveller’s stopover in the town being major cause for various child abuses including child trafficking. Many of the travellers attempt to invite the children either for sex or labouring.

Tarmaber Woreda is located 190 km away from Addis and has an estimated population of 79049; out of which 39,852 are male and the rest 39098 are female including urban and rural dwellers. The woreda covers about 54,000 ha of lands. Agro climatologically 17% of the land is lowland, 28 % semi-arid (Woinadega) and 54.7 % is highland (Dega). Its altitude is ranging from 1500 to 3100 meter above sea level. The average annual temperature and the mean monthly rain fall are about 15.5 C0 and 1200 mm respectively.

Shoa Robit is a rapidly growing town approximately 250 km north-east of Addis Ababa. According to the national population and housing census the population of the town is estimated to be 36,642. Shoa robit is one of the most vulnerable localities in the Amhara National Regional State and high HIV/AIDS prevalence and poverty, especially youth unemployment are the two major problems of the town

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